To the users of TimeTable Viewer:

TimeTable Viewer became free software

Thank you for using TimeTable Viewer. Because the author is too busy, TimeTable Viewer had never been revised since Aug. 31, 2000. He thought sorry but TimeTable Viewer could not support new features of several Palm OS compatibles that was on sale in that period.

Therefore the author made the source program of TimeTable Viewer to be open to the public and be subject to the GPL (GNU General Public License) on Aug. 1, 2001. That is, you may freely modify, copy, distribute the program. The shareware version and the demonstration version are unified into the free software version.

Please understand the registration fee, that was already paid can not be refund.

Aug 1 also happens to be the release day of TimeTable Viewer 1.0 (in 1999) and be the establishment day of K Laboratory Co., Ltd. (in 2000) that cause the author very busy. The day must be very suitable for the release of the GPL version.

#7129. Hiroaki Sengoku <>

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